Review Generation for Local Businesses, Marketing Agencies, Consultants, & More!

Streamlining the review acquisition/generation process can be challenging, especially when faced with limited time and the need for simplicity and intuitiveness.

How can you efficiently and effectively generate high-impact reviews for your business, products, and services?

Leverage technology to help automate your organization's review request process

Simplify the review process for your customers by offering them multiple links to your key review sites.

Optimize your review funnel with a system that minimizes clicks and eliminates unnecessary friction.

ReviewFlo simplifies the review request process for businesses, offering automated review request campaigns and a user-friendly review funnel that encourages customers to write reviews effortlessly.

Review Generation made simple
ReviewFlo simplifies Review Generation


In today’s competitive business landscape, having a seamless and frictionless review generation experience is of utmost importance. ReviewFlo addresses this need by providing businesses with a simplified review request process. With our automated review request campaigns and user-friendly review funnel, we empower customers to share their feedback effortlessly, ensuring a positive and streamlined review generation journey.


Equip your employees with a branded form to efficiently gather customer email addresses and phone numbers after they’ve submitted a review, whether individually or in bulk. This data will serve as a valuable resource for activating email and SMS campaigns to initiate review requests. Additionally, provide customer-facing forms for self-filled submissions in your office environment, enabling a seamless and hassle-free process to trigger review request campaigns.


Achieve a frictionless review generation experience by automating the follow-up process with highly customizable email drip campaigns. With the ability to tailor the timing and delivery of your review request emails, you can establish an effective cadence and sequence that maximizes customer engagement.

Maintain full control over crucial elements, including the email subject line, ‘from’ address, and ‘reply-to’ address. This level of customization ensures that each email resonates with recipients and encourages them to provide valuable reviews.


Enhance your review generation efforts with these effective strategies, and tools:

Incorporate a prominent 'Review Us' button on any page of your website to encourage customer feedback.

Utilize QR codes on printed marketing materials such as business cards, signage, and advertising to direct in-store and offline customers to your review funnel.

Maximize review requests by including email signature snippets in every company-wide email correspondence.

By implementing ReviewFlo, you can optimize customer engagement and drive valuable reviews for your business.

With ReviewFlo - Review Generation is quick & easy!