XSellerate CRM allows your organization to create as many sales & onboarding funnels as you need, all designed to efficiently convert leads to prospects, then finally, into happy Customers & Clients.


  • Embed custom forms on your website
  • Create unlimited custom fields in your CRM
  • Customize the Client Portal for every prospect, customer/client & department
  • Automate your onboarding & lead generation process
  • Create sales funnels and landing pages to suit your company’s needs
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Configure the XSellerate CRM so each prospect, client, & staff member can only see their own data, status, and/or files. Show them whatever you want them to see with pre-built templates & pages. Embed iFrames, YouTube & Vimeo videos, or any other embeddable content directly into your Whitelabel CRM Portal.


  • Create & assign a custom dashboard to each Prospect, Client, & Staff Member
  • Create & assign a custom dashboard for Prospects as part of an Onboarding Sequence
  • Set any created custom dashboard as a specific client’s/Client Segment’s “Start Page”
  • Each Prospect, Client, & Staff Member see ONLY their own data
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Easily add contacts to your marketing audiences & send email or drip marketing campaigns as needed. Email campaigns can be scheduled ahead of time, & drip-sequence campaigns send automatically based on a predefined schedule that you decide for any new address added to a particular marketing audience.


  • Send campaigns instantly or schedule them ahead of time
  • Import existing email subscriber lists via CSV file upload functionality
  • Effortlessly track campaign email opens & link clicks
  • Re-use your base designs in multiple campaigns via campaign templates
  • Add email recipients manually or via an embedded form
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


It’s time to take back control over every detail of your appointment-setting processes. Create specific appointment types, & easily generate automated actions when the appointment types are booked, canceled, or rescheduled.


  • Leads can book time directly from your website
  • Sync appointments to your Google calendar & never be double-booked
  • Easily create your own booking landing page with a custom URL
  • Create “Department Specific” booking calendars & appointment types
  • Administrative Personelle can book appointments on behalf of others

XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Design and send beautiful content-rich, multipage proposals that can automatically trigger other actions when accepted (such as invoice creation, additional documents, etc.)


  • Proposals can be easily viewed & eSigned online
  • The Prospect doesn’t need to log in to view your proposal
  • Automatically generate an invoice when Prospect accepts your proposal
  • Templates, to allow quick creation of new proposals without repetitive work
  • The eSignature is thoroughly documented & 100% legally binding
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


XSellerate CRM acts as a “billing hub” allowing you to send invoices, receive payments, & managing service/product-based subscriptions inside of the XSellerate dashboard. XSellerate CRM is a fully featured subscription payment & membership site solution, with powerful subscription management options for both you & your clients.


  • Quickly create invoices & accept electronic payments
  • Convert Estimates to Invoices via automation
  • Create+Invoice for both one-off & recurring product/services
  • Clients have the ability to manage their billing regarding recurring services/products
  • Safely & securely store payment methods on file for easy recurring payments
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


As you know, having E-Sign-capable Contracts to work with, can save an organization TONS of time, money, effort & energy. & Contract templates can reduce risky mistakes, & systematize your workflow, helping to reduce onboard friction.


  • Document/Contract templates with dynamic data to use in customizable automation
  • Fully compliant audit trail including IP address
  • Trigger a document to be sent for signature on autopilot
  • Notifications when a document is viewed, signed & completed
  • Trigger a series of automated actions after your Document/Contract is signed
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Take control of your internal processes through custom “workflows” & eliminate the “start/stop” of basic onboarding tasks. Lead your prospects & clients on a journey of your own team’s own design. Allowing you to take on more clients & customers while decreasing “No Pay Time”…


  • Swiftly onboard clients using customizable forms on your website
  • Automatically move prospects through the client-journey
  • Guide prospects & clients toward decisions based on certain actions
  • No-Code Automations take the hassle out of manual data-entry processes
  • Designed to be flexible and adaptable to your workflow

XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Almost nothing is more frustrating than having to start new projects from complete scratch with each new client. Luckily, everything is just a few clicks away, ensuring you always have what you need: manage your team, keep your clients updated & involved, & easily track time spent on a particular project or task. You can then turn that tracked time into a billable item on an invoice with one click.


  • Design a workflow, then automate the steps within the workflow seamlessly
  • Effortlessly convert tasks or projects into invoices
  • Task timers allow for tracking at the task level
  • Task templates & generators eliminate repetitive busy-work
  • Kanban boards simplify organization
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Clients & staff alike will have the ability to access your XSellerate CRM Installation via a customized URL (that you choose) & with a fully customizable login screen. If they are always on the go, they can install your white-label mobile app on their phone or tablet & be sure to always stay in touch.


  • Whitelabel Client Portal can be set up on your own custom URL
  • Whitelabel mobile app included with ALL installations
  • Fully branded & customizable Client/Staff login page
  • 100% white-labeled email notifications
  • Your clients will never see the XSellerate Consulting branding

XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Uploading & downloading files has never been easier, & securing them in today’s digital age has never been more important. Using XSellerate CRM to securely share files gives you tools that are designed to do the exact job you need, quickly & efficiently, all the while protecting & boosting your brand integrity.


  • Use Secure File Requests to ask clients to upload specific files into their dashboard
  • Secure shared document folders are powerful, flexible, &, as needed, client-specific
  • Send or Share files of ANY size to ANYONE inside & outside your Organization
  • Integrated file upload requests into the onboarding process
  • Client files are 100% securely insulated
XSellerate CRM Replaces:


With XSellerate CRM, you have your own private & secure messaging network directly inside your portal. Send messages securely to one or more clients or staff members. Live chat keeps your team in sync through the toughest of projects.


  • Complete control over who in your organization clients can send secure messages to
  • Live chat in direct messages & Department-Specific channels
  • Organize your user-to-user interactions/message with unlimited secure folders
  • Clients can send instant messages to your organization inside of their client dashboard 
  • HIPAA-compliant secure messaging

XSellerate CRM Replaces:


Packaging up your expertise into an online course can be a great asset for your business or organization! They can be used as lead generators, staff training, or client education! There are countless creative uses that make the XSellerate LMS an invaluable tool in your organizational toolbox.


  • Create courses for clients and staff 
  • Easily build beautiful courses using our drag & drop editor 
  • Lock content until previous lessons are completed 
  • Easily embed video, images, charts, tables, etc.
XSellerate CRM Replaces:

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